Main Features

Here are the core entities in the platform

Templates are garments or other things with drawable areas on them. Each Template has multiple TemplateSides, TemplateColors, and Sizes.

A TemplateSide represents a part of the object is drawable. On the TemplateSide, we define the drawable area.

A TemplateColor is a Client defined color for their Template.

We support universal sizes for templates: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

A Design represents the Template with an image and/or text in one or more of the drawable areas. Like Templates and TemplateSides, Designs are composed of multiple DesignSides.

A DesignSide is a TemplateSide with a drawable area with an image and/or text inside.

The Generator is the heart of the Ablo service. The Generator generates images based on text and styles. It's also able to remove backgrounds on images.

An Image is generated on all calls to /generate endpoints

What’s Next