Q: How do I create a Template?

A: You can create Templates and add TemplateSides and TemplateColors, and set Sizes all through the Client Dashboard. Or, if you prefer to do it in a more automated fashion, you do it all through the API as well.

Q: What is the DesignSide.canvasStateUrl field for?

A: This is utility field you can use if you've saved up some state / steps in your canvas that your users are drawing on and need to be able to retrieve or replay it later. It's optional.

Q: What's the difference between DesignSide.imageUrl and DesignSide.previewUrl?

A: DesignSide.imageUrl is the URL to just the image that goes on the Canvas, not including the TemplateSide image. DesignSide.previewUrl is the entire TemplateSide plus the Image on it.

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