Getting Started

Get an API Key

Contact [email protected] if you need an API key. The API key should go in the x-api-key header on all calls.

Generate Image Using Text to Image

Our secret sauce is our ability to generate images using our set of pre-trained styles. You should first make a GET request to /styles to get the list of styles available (e.g. kidult, deco, or origami)

Now, make a call to POST /generate/text-to-image sending at least a styleId and some freeText:

  "styleId": "01e560c1-916f-405d-b3fb-8840fb303926",	// styleId for origami style
  "freeText": "Tiger"

This should return a list of images like so:

    "images": [

And cool images like this

You can also play with the toneId and set it to Bright Tones (165ac531-726e-4ea3-9542-a36cf4abf342) e.g. to get images more like this: